All operations into Guinea as well as several airports within Africa require prior permission and the bureaucratic processes involved in acquiring these permits can be very frustrating, time consuming and very expensive. Our proposition is simple, “leave all the hassle to us”, we can obtain such traffic rights within a few hours in Guinea and less than 48 hours in several African countries at very competitive prices.


We are committed to you hence we offer a wide range of handling services tailored to suite your perfect needs. We will provide all the right equipment to assist your flights. From cargo handling, warehousing needs, catering services, ground transportation, hotel arrangements to all VVIP services. With Probiz you are assured of passenger handling, crew and passenger visas, filing of ATC flight plans, on time movement messages and many more. With our team of resilient and dedicated staff we are ever ready to meet your needs and ensure that you do not just depart on time, but also always leave with a broad smile on your face.


In the ever competitive aircraft charter market, the key to success is to comprehend the business aviation needs of clients and to offer the best equipment to suit their needs at the most efficient and sustainable cost. Our fleet of Beechcrafts, Piper Seneca III and helicopters, can cater for your personal and recreational needs as well business trips within the country and other locations of your choice. With the help of our partners across Africa, we can source other business jets and executive jets for VVIP needs, and Cargo planes should you require them.


Our ground handling service is incomplete without fuel. We provide contract aviation fuel from many suppliers across Africa with very flexible terms of payment. For the sake of reliability we have contracts with multiple suppliers in certain airports and this also guarantees that we provide very competitive prices with reliable contingency measures in place.


Probiz Guinee provides world class haulage services with state of the art facilities. Because we are determined to be your ‘one-stop’ solution to all your warehousing, handling and transportation needs, at Probiz you are also guaranteed of highly professional but cost effective warehousing facilities suit all your requirements. So whatever business venture you are engaged in trust Probiz to provide all your cargo handling and warehousing needs to meet your deadlines. Whenever you think cargo think Probiz Guinee


Security remains a big challenge in Guinea however with Probiz security wing, we can provide 24 hours security service for both personnel and aircrafts. Upon request, Probiz will detail security escorts for crew and passengers and also guards for the aircrafts. Because our services are tailored to your needs, we can have uniformed and armed personnel or men in disguise to protect your interests at all times. With Probiz, you can concentrate on the business knowing that your back is covered.


We offer either cash or credit services, depending on your request. Where applicable all invoices from Probiz are supported by third party documents and our invoices bear no hidden charges.